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Taipei Tech CNC LINE@ service

LINE app is a freeware app for the most popular smart platform like iOS, android, windows, etc. In order to get the latest new, important policy notification or any technical support, join the Computer and Network Center LINE group by easily scan the QR code or search the ID.
We would like to make an efficient service, whether you have trouble with classroom’s facility, campus network, information system, etc. Using the LINE app, CNC can quick response all the messages who needs technical support or any assists. Welcome all of the Taipei Tech students and faculties to join us.

* How to join Taipei Tech CNC LINE@ group?
  • Download the LINE app and sign-up an account
  • Search by display name: 『 @pnt6913e 』 or
  • Scan our QR code is under below
    Computer and Network LINE@ QR Code
Click Num: