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Taipei Tech Portal

The Taipei Tech Portal (http://nportal.ntut.edu.tw) is a single sign-on platform that allows students, faculty and staff to access a variety of campus systems from everywhere. This is to say it is an application portal, provides the access to different system which user has access to the resources of the information system based on his or her profile, in accordance with the security policy.

* How to Access the Taipei Tech Portal?
  New international students:
After completed registration at the Academic Affairs Section, you will be able to log on the portal with your student ID No. and default password which is 8 digits number of your birthday date.
  New faculty and staff:
You are logon with the employee ID number which is from the office of personnel. The default password is your R.O.C. resident certificate ID No. lowercase 8 alphanumeric.
  Forgot password:
If you forgot your password to sign-in the Taipei Tech Portal, please fill out the Portal Password Reset Request Form. Sealed the envelope containing the certified document and this form to the Computer and Network Center. After verifying the documents, you will receive an email to notify your portal password has been reset to default. Please change a new password right away.
Please download:Taipei Tech Portal Password Reset Request Form

If you have related questions or further inquiries for logging on the Taipei Tech Portal, please check the F.A.Q. or contact #3200/ #3295 of Computer and Network Center Help Desk at 2771-2171.



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