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Campus Licensed Software

The Computer and Network Center is providing bulk purchase, volume and site-licensed software to support learning, teaching and via any connection to the Taipei Tech network. Software selected to meet the most common needs across the University, and software is licensed to all eligible Taipei Tech users.

* How should I download, licensed software?
 * Student, faculty and staff
Please log on the Taipei Tech Portal, click the “Campus Software” which is under the Information Services category. After sign-in you would able to download or validation software.
 * Alumnus
If you have graduated more than 6 months, you won’t be able to log on the Taipei Tech Portal. You need to bring your laptop or other device with the diploma to the CNC office for further assistance.

If you have related questions to download the campus licensed software, please check the F.A.Q.
You can also contact extension no. 3200 / 3212 or E-mail email to us for any inquiry.

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